Why You Should Do A Certificate III In Civil Construction

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Why You Should Do A Certificate III In Civil Construction

What Is Civil Construction?
Civil construction is the building of core infrastructure needed for day to day living. This includes roads, airports, defense, pipelines, bridges and railways. It is a $10 billion a year Australian business, and crucial to the Australian economy. This makes jobs plentiful, with skilled workers in civil construction being in constant demand.

The Certificate III in Civil Construction is ideal for those who want to develop a career in civil construction, receive on-the-job training and gain a national qualification. The Certificate III is delivered with on-site delivery and practical experience, where you will learn how to operate equipment including:

  • Large excavators
  • Trenching machines
  • Surface preparation scrapers
  • Dump trucks
  • A range of large rollers

Specialised Career Prospects
At Construction Training International, we offer a Certificate III in Civil Construction (General) or a Certificate III in Civil Construction (Plant Operations). The course that you choose to complete depends on your ultimate career goals.

The Certificate III in Civil Construction (General) will prepare you for specialist occupations in these areas:

  • Bituminous Surfacing
  • Bridge Construction and Maintenance
  • Pipe Laying
  • Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Road Marking
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Timber Bridge Construction and Maintenance
  • Civil Construction General Occupations
Grove Crane

The Certificate III in Civil Construction (Plant Operations) is intended to build skills within construction plants. In this course, you will learn skills such as operating a small plant and equipment, draining civil construction sites and handling resources.

It’s Flexible and Affordable
At Construction Training International, you are eligible to receive Government funding for this qualification, which means that a portion or the full cost of your fees are paid for. We place emphasis on equal opportunities, and particularly encourage people with disabilities to access our course and utilise the Commonwealth subsidised funding.

Although you will have to complete a select number of core units within the Certificate III in Civil Construction, you will also have a wide range of elective subjects to choose from. This broad ranging selection gives you an opportunity to hone your interests and a potential specialisation.

We also realise that many students have other commitments, like work or family. We do our best to accommodate to your needs by offering a highly flexible delivery. At Construction Training International, you have three years to complete the course, as long as you enrol into each unit within sixty days of completing a previous unit.

It Opens Pathways
Civil construction is for anyone who wants to make a literal, physical difference to society. You can literally help shape Australia’s infrastructure and make a tangible impact, as well as being in constant demand.

By completing a Certificate III in Civil Construction, you will have wider options for future study, as well as having the potential to enter management operations. The certificate also requires no prerequisites, which means you don’t need any prior working experience or qualifications.

Our affordable and flexible course delivery makes it even easier by weakening barriers and widens your options. So, what are you waiting for? Foster your skills and prepare for a dynamic future.

You can view the Certificate III in Civil Construction here.

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