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What Do You Do in Civil Construction?

Civil construction is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in Australia. There’s always a high demand for construction workers because there are always new buildings and infrastructure to be built. So, what do people in civil construction actually do? Sure, they build buildings… but what’s involved in the process? Today, we’re going to clear up your questions about what you do in civil construction. We’ll also tell you the best place to go to get training!

Build infrastructure

It may seem obvious, but sometimes it isn’t. Although our entire world is based on civil infrastructure, it can be easy to overlook how massive it is in life. Think about every time you’ve driven somewhere or flown somewhere, or anytime it has rained and the runoff was neatly diverted into the gutters. This infrastructure was designed and built – by people just like you!

Operate state of the art equipment

Civil construction involves using equipment and state of the art technology. Technology is constantly advancing and civil construction, therefore, advances with it. At the forefront of the construction industry is high-tech monitoring, measuring, weighing and calculating systems that you can be proud to use in your daily life.

Enjoy an outdoor work life

Hate the idea of being stuck in an office from 9 to 5? Almost everything you do in civil construction involves being outdoors. There’s nothing better than working outside on a beautiful day, surrounded by nature and the elements.

Work in a team environment

As a worker in civil construction, you learn how to become the ultimate team player. You develop relationships at work that aren’t just work-based – you’ll meet some people who you may find become your lifelong friends. Working with a diverse bunch of people, you’ll learn all about what it means to be a well-organised team.

Work on a diverse range of projects

No two days are the same in civil construction. Your ‘office’ is constantly changing. You’ll be able to work in a range of different landscapes, constructing a range of different projects. Whether that means working on airports, bridges, railway lines, roads, buildings, tunnels, harbours… the list goes on forever. You could even lay the foundation of a whole new city.

You can probably tell that the job description of someone working in civil construction is a large one. After all, there’s a lot of different roles within this large industry. If you’re attracted to working in civil construction, prepare to enjoy a long, prosperous and rewarding career. However, you’ll need some training first. To get a head start, contact the team at Construction Training International. They offer world-class training facilities with expert trainers at affordable course rates. Start your career with Construction Training International today.

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