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Six Reasons to Get Qualified in Building and Construction

Imagine doing a job that’s hands-on and outdoorsy where you get to do something impactful while having a laugh with some of your best mates. This job exists – it’s called the construction industry! Getting qualified in building and construction is the best way to get work in the field. Let’s explain six great reasons to get qualified in building and construction.

1. It’s all about prospects

Australia’s high population growth means that we’re constantly needing more buildings and, therefore, constantly needing more people to build them. We all know someone who did an arts degree at Uni and wonders why they can never get a job with it. We’re not saying that arts degrees aren’t a good choice for some people; it’s just that, realistically, there are limited and highly competitive job prospects after completing one. Those who are qualified in construction don’t have that problem.

2. Limitless options

Sadly, some qualifications mean that you’re qualified to do one thing and one thing only. When you enrol in construction training, your options are vast. You’ll have the ability to learn a variety of skills and use them in a range of different environments. This means working with different tools, in different places – and different views of the city!

3. Sense of fulfilment

Imagine standing back with your mates and looking at a bridge or a building that you’ve built, after months of work on it. Construction can be an incredibly rewarding and satisfying job – one that has a real impact. Without you, there would be no roads, no bridges, no buildings – nothing! And you’ll have the chance to make a difference in the world. With renewable energy and green construction becoming more and more common, you’ll be part of a generation who started something new.

4. Be your own boss

With a little experience and networking, starting one’s own business is the dream of many builders and construction workers. And the good news is – it’s achievable. Many qualified people in construction start their own business and never look back.

5. Keep moving up

In any career, you want to be able to start somewhere and keep progressing as you get older and more experienced. In the construction industry, there’s plenty of room for career growth – whether you want to move into construction management or simply be the best-skilled worker you possibly can.

6. Education is key

Possibly the biggest reason to get qualified in building and construction is the fact that to work in the industry, you pretty much need official training. There’s no better way to secure your future in building and construction than completing a certified course through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

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