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Why You Should Start a Career in Construction

Choosing a career can be tough. With so many options these days, it’s so difficult to narrow down your interests and talents, and then match them up with a career that suits you. Today, we’re going to try to give you a head start on career choice: why not try construction? It’s a fun, challenging [...]

Why is Safety Required in the Construction Process?

A word you’ll hear all the time on the construction site is ‘safety’. It plays a massive role in your job from the moment you clock on, to the moment you finish up the day. If you’re thinking about joining the construction industry, you’ll learn how to perform your job in the safest way possible. [...]

What Do You Do in Civil Construction?

Civil construction is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in Australia. There’s always a high demand for construction workers because there are always new buildings and infrastructure to be built. So, what do people in civil construction actually do? Sure, they build buildings… but what’s involved in the process? Today, we’re going to clear [...]

Are Dogging and Rigging the Same Thing?

If you’re thinking about starting a career in construction, there are a couple of terms you’ll have likely come across already: ‘dogging’ and ‘rigging’. If you do a little research on these two aspects of construction, you might be inclined to think that they’re the same thing. While they do have similarities, they each have [...]

How Do You Start A Career in Construction?

Construction is a career choice that ticks a lot of desirable boxes. Working outdoors in the fresh air? Tick. Forming strong work relationships with a team? Tick. Stimulating, challenging work? Tick. Good pay? Tick. The list of constructions perks goes on and on. So, if you’re thinking about a career in construction, where the heck [...]

Six Reasons to Get Qualified in Building and Construction

Imagine doing a job that’s hands-on and outdoorsy where you get to do something impactful while having a laugh with some of your best mates. This job exists – it’s called the construction industry! Getting qualified in building and construction is the best way to get work in the field. Let’s explain six great reasons [...]

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