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Australia’s Ongoing Shortage In Skilled Trade Professionals Means Now Is The Perfect Time For You To Get Accredited

One reason why now is the time to get accredited lies in the high demand for construction workers. Australia has a rapidly growing construction industry, but a lack of workers to do the heavy lifting for it. When you become accredited, construction companies will basically roll out the red carpet for you.

What To Bring On Your First Day Of Training

You’ll be learning a lot of stuff on your first day of training and, while keeping mental notes is great, most of us benefit from taking a few notes. Keeping hydrated is one of the main ways to keep your brain functioning on your first big day of training. Don’t risk dehydration by only drinking coffee or energy drinks – make sure you’ve got a bottle of water on you at all times.

Relocating Interstate? Make Sure Your Courses Are Nationally Accredited

Choosing an RTO that offers nationally accredited courses, like Construction Training International, gives you wider employment opportunities. You won’t have to stress about whether your qualification is recognised in the place you’re moving to; their courses are recognised across the whole country.

The Three Levels Of Scaffolding Licenses Explained

There are three levels of scaffolding, which require three levels of licences: Basic scaffolding (SB), Intermediate scaffolding (SI) and Advanced scaffolding (SA). Each of these licences allows you to perform different scaffolding jobs. The less complicated scaffolding tasks are covered under the basic licence, while the more difficult tasks are covered under intermediate, and the highest-risk, most difficult tasks are covered under the advanced licence.

Why Spotting Is An Essential Role In Every Worksite

Spotting is especially essential when, let’s say, a crane operator has a lower level of vision than usual. Having a spotter there to overlook the task ensures that there is always an extra set of eyes, guiding and supervising the high-risk level of work.

Should You Get a General or Plant Certificate III in Civil Construction?

Choose General if you’re more interested in learning a wider scope of construction applications, or if you want to develop a general skill set in construction. Or, choose Plant if you’re more interested in heavy plant machinery like earthmovers and large trucks like rigid haulers.

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